Homeless Outreach

What is Homeless Outreach?

HO is a group seeking to build relationships with our friends sleeping on the streets of Oxford that give dignity and value, sharing the love of Christ.                                                       

Our motivation comes as a response to God’s love for us - it’s not an attempt to earn what we already have, but to live with compassion for all of our neighbours, including those who are most often ignored but still precious in God’s sight.

We head out in a couple of groups with hot drinks and sometimes food or sanitary products, with prayer before and after. There is always someone experienced in each team and no one is sent out on their own.


Who can get involved?

Anyone is welcome to join the team!

Even if you’re wanting to quietly watch how others interact at first - there’s no pressure to be amazing at conversation or a trained theologian; we’re just a group who want to love the people we walk past all the time in whatever way we can. Most of us are quite daunted at the beginning but find it so much easier than we expect!


How do I get involved?

HO runs two nights a week, usually on a Tuesday and Friday. To find the full schedule, visit our Get Involved page!

Alternatively, contact our HO director, Liv.