2020-2021 Committee

Just Love Oxford Committee 2020-2021

Elizabeth Clayton, President

Elizabeth, Just Love’s President, has a passion for teaching others what justice looks like in God’s kingdom, and deeply believes students have such an amazing opportunity to start learning and practicing justice in a way that sets them up for a lifetime of following Jesus and answering his call to live life to the full.

She studies Theology and Religion at Keble, and so spends most of her time in Oxford reading, writing, and talking about the Bible. She can often be found in the Botanic Gardens or Port Meadow, and is known for her love of coffee, earth tones, and John Mark McMillan.

Get in touch with Elizabeth if you want to find out about what Just Love does, or if you’ve got an idea for an event/project/area we’re not currently involved in! Her e-mail is: elizabeth.clayton@keble.ox.ac.uk

Gabriel Cairns, Vice President

Gabriel, our Vice-President, helps Elizabeth think about Just Love’s overall vision, as well as working with churches and other Christian groups to help engage Christian students with justice. He’s particularly passionate about helping all Christians become aware of how their lifestyle ties into issues such as climate change, human trafficking and poverty, and how we can permanently adapt our lifestyles to reflect God’s heart for justice. When he’s not busy focusing on pub trips, going for walks, playing guitar, games of frisbee, experimental cookery and making unfunny jokes, Gabriel likes to fill his spare time with a Maths degree.

Madeleine Kelly, Personal Coordinator

Madeleine’s role as the Personal Coordinator is to challenge and equip Just Love to lead our individual lives more justly. The pursuit of justice should not be confined to one or two events each week, but should rather become a way of living for God’s just kingdom. This involves the inward changing of our lives into lives wholly transformed by an awareness of God’s heart for justice. If you want to contact her she’s available at madeleine.kelly@keble.ox.ac.uk

Madeleine cares greatly about justice in the sex trafficking industry. Volunteering with Alabaster Jar, a wonderful charity in her hometown Berlin, Germany, Madeleine has seen the way that this industry greatly distorts people’s idea of what authentic love is, and in so doing disables prostituted women, and indeed all those in the industry, from comprehending the Divine Love which asks nothing of them but their hearts. This is an injustice to both God’s all-embracing mercy, grace, and love, and His creation of humanity in His image. 

Madeleine loves music – she is a choral scholar in Keble Chapel and plays the cello. She enjoys going on walks, and so can often be found at either Port Meadow, Christ Church meadow, University Parks, or strolling down the little roads in Jericho. She also loves baking and penguins. As a second year theologian at Keble, lots of Madeleine’s day to day life involves pondering God and the Bible.

Marie-Louise Klampe, Local Coordinator

Marie is motivated to see every marginalised person come to find a loving community.

As part of being the local coordinator she spends a lot of time thinking about the different paths that lead to homelessness and other forms of vulnerability in our society and what can be done to stop them, whether that’s being isolated without a family or poor rehab programmes following a prison sentence. Practically she organises the wonderful teams that focus on meeting our friends on the streets through sharing hot drinks and chats on a bi-weekly basis. She is particularly excited to see more diversity in homeless outreach, involving Brooke’s students, as well as other faith societies and collaborating with existing charities. Her favourite past times are avoiding her lab reports by running through Port Meadow, cooking huge stir fry wok meals with friends and painting. If you would like to learn more about Homeless Outreach or want to get involved, you can contact Marie via marie-louise.klampe@some.ox.ac.uk

Gina Morris, Global Coordinator


Gina represents Just Love’s global campaigning efforts. She is passionate about responding to God’s call for environmental justice and will be setting up and running a new and exciting Creation Care campaign group, as well as overseeing other term card events on global justice issues. She will be working closely with the wonderful Ellen Walkingshaw who represents Just Love’s engagement in Anti-Human Trafficking campaigning and will be organising regular term card events on the topic. 

Outside her justice and academic interests, Gina finds deep joy in French pastries (pain au chocolat aux amandes = her greatest weakness), French film, French music, evangelism in Paris – please come to talk to her about France, it will make her day. She enjoys playing guitar and getting creative with a sketch book and water colour. 

Get in touch with Gina (georgina.morris@mansfield.ox.ac.uk) if you want to get involved with the Creation Care stream or have an idea for a Global Justice event that you’d like to see on the term card. If you have Anti-Human Trafficking related event or campaigning ideas you can get in contact with Ellen (ellen.walkingshaw@mansfield.ox.ac.uk) directly.

Ilona Clayton, Publicity Coordinator


Ilona (pronounced eh-low-na) looks after our publicity, from designing graphics to making sure everyone knows what Just Love is getting up to. She loves getting other people involved too, so if you want to lend a hand designing some graphics for us on Canva (super easy to use, no previous experience required!) then please pop her an e-mail at ilona.clayton@some.ox.ac.uk or dm her via the Just Love Oxford Instagram.

When she’s not procrastinating on social media, she’s raving about how great History and German are (until she has to write her tute essays), rowing or reading murder mysteries.


Jacob Mercer, Treasurer


Jacob is our treasurer, so he’s in charge of our finances; sorting out expenses and making sure we don’t spend more than we have! He’s got a passion for seeing people love God’s beautiful natural creation as it should be loved and changing attitudes about how we treat the planet.

If he’s not being all mathematical in the Worcester library, you can probably find him making music with one of the bands he plays in, reading, or just baking his own bread.
If you have any questions about Just Love’s finances or would like to give to Just Love Oxford, you can contact Jacob at jacob.mercer@worc.ox.ac.uk

Beulah Amponsa, Secretary


Beulah (pronounced Be-you-lah) is our Secretary. She minutes meetings and is curator of this just lovely website. Having been in the University’s only Foundation year at Lady Margaret Hall she developed a passion for seeing a change in the world’s view on education and the varying demographics that are disadvantaged in and by the institution. This passion led her to take on the Access and Outreach officer role in the LMH JCR. She’s our committee’s resident cheerleader and struggles to stop talking about cheer. If she isn’t at cheer practice – or talking about it, she’s probably butchering a song on the ukulele or ‘mindfully’ watching a show she’s already watched a few times (suggestions are always welcome!). Finally, if she’s not doing any of these things, she should be studying or doing something related to Experimental Psychology. You can contact Beulah through the Just Love e-mail (justloveoxford@gmail.com) or her uni e-mail (beulah.amponsa@lmh.ox.ac.uk) if you’d like to write a blog or have any suggestions for the website.