Prayer Blog Wk5T17 – Proverbs 3;5

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding”

Proverbs 3;5

Welcome back to our new weekly prayer blog!  Please do continue to pray with us throughout the week, and let us know how you are finding this new method of communicating prayer direction and response.
Each week we’ll have a little update from our various projects, friends at OICCU, and the wider world. Maybe work through this as part of your daily prayer, or sit down with friends and spend some time interceding together. Join us at Corpus Christi College 5-6pm on Tuesday for a time of reflective prayer too if you’re around!

Happy Fifth Week! We’ve sailed into the second half of term, with a wonderful weekend for Stand For Freedom. This week’s reflection is simple, but its topic is crucial to our every day – Trust In God.

The Stand was a huge success, and such a wonderful time of sharing, serving and spreading the word. Those of you who were watching the weather forecast through the week will have seen the heavy rain that looked like it would set in for the whole of Friday afternoon, and Saturday too. So God’s people prayed, and He was faithful. The rain stopped at about 15.03 on Friday, and at 15.01 on Saturday it absolutely poured (apart from the ten minutes we needed to load up the car)! God’s protection over us was so powerful, and so plentiful, and so good. The sunshine allowed us to chat to so many people, and keep The Stand open in Bonn Square for all the time that the shoppers were out. It speaks for itself – Trust God. Let’s use this as a catapult for new levels of trust this term!

HTAG; Please join us in thanking God for all the many ways He moved over this weekend through Stand For Freedom, both in the hearts of us and in those we spoke to. Thank Him for his great provision, in resources, help, and great weather for the event. Please pray for continued work in the lives of all those who came over and engaged with us; that they will continue to be impacted by what they learnt about and be inspired by what they saw in the fight against modern day slavery. Thank God for all the money we raised and please pray for IJM, as they use these and other funds in the fight against the horrors of cybertrafficking.

OICCU; Let’s be thanking God for the success of New Things, and pray for all that those who came, that the truths they heard resonated with them on some level, and that God would be working in their hearts to continually reveal more of himself to them. Also be praying for the Summer VIIIs outreach that will be happening this week, for the preparation and the volunteers!

HO; This week, we’ll be hosting a barbecue to serve our homeless friends and spend a longer period of time in conversation with them. Please pray firstly for the logistics of it all – amongst a series of Tesco deliveries and Argos trips, there’s a lot that could be forgotten! But most importantly, please pray that we will really show God’s love and heart for justice through our actions and that we’ll all be approaching the day with a serving attitude. Pray that our friends will feel full and warm and that we’ll have innumerable opportunities for prayer, with those volunteering at the barbecue being bold and expectant for God to be at work.

Caring for Creation:

This week, we’d like to encourage you to read and pray through Genesis 1 and 2, and pray through these questions as you do:

  • How does God see the creation he’s made?
  • What does it mean to ‘subdue’ the Earth, and to ‘rule over’ its animals?
  • Should we be making more time in lives to step back and appreciate how good creation, as God did on the 7th day?
  • Is the need for creation care something that only came as part of the fall?
  • Why was man allowed to name all the creatures?

And we have our creation picture of the week which this week comes from the National Geographic:


with love,

JLOx xxx